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Coming from A4 motorway
( Austria, Veneto, Friuli )

Coming trought the A4 motorway in direction of Trieste, you pass throught the last gate “Lisert” and get the slip road; after about 30 Km you pass through a tunnel 3km length. Inside the tunnel follow the signals for “Cattinara” exit which is immediately located at the end of the tunnel. Pass a ramp and stay on the left of it following the “Trieste Centro” indications. After the “Stop” you are on “Carnaro” street. Go ahead and pass a little tunnel and then two curves, the first to the right, the second to the left, reaching the inserction with via Bartolomeo d’Alviano. From there on, there are road signs to “Torri d’Europa” Shopping Center, wich you will find after about 200m on your right.

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Coming from Slovenia and Croatia
Coming from Slovenia or Croatia, you take the overpass freeway and leave at Servola. Going straight on at two traffic lights, you will find the “Torri d’Europa” Shopping Center at your right.

Coming from the city center:
Coming from “Piazza Unitŕ d’Italia” you go straight on the principal city way in direction of “Chiarbola” until you reach the first traffic light; here you turn right to enter the parking zone of “Torri d’Europa” Shopping Center.

Coming by bus:
Line 1 - stop Via Orlandini (nearby the Shopping Centre)
Line 8 - stop Via Svevo
Line 29 - stop Via d’Alviano 29
Night Line B - fermata in Via d'Alviano

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